The Elephant Manoeuvre
The Sätt-knorren-på-grisen Manoeuvre
The Stoppa-alla-dina sorger-i-en-gammal-säck Manoeuvre
The Trycka-i-sig-en-semla-jättefort-i-teater-Plazas-foajé Manoeuvre
Please take a closer look at my favourite: The skivbörsen Manoeuvre

Henry Heimlich, M.D. (1920- ) was accepted into medical school in a time, years ago, when Jews were often discriminated against. It's a good thing he became a doctor and scientist, because Henry Heimlich has, through his work, helped save the lives of thousands of people. "The Heimlich Manoeuvre" is just one of his gifts to us all. Rick Sowash tells his story in Chapter 23 of ”Heroes of Ohio: 23 True Tales of Courage and Character” (Bowling Green, Ohio: Gabriel's Horn Publishing Co., 1998).