Herrstrumpor became an instant overnight-sensation and an object of desire for all kids everywhere. But are they legal? How can you be sure that you are not committing a crime every time you pull on a herrstrumpa? What are you allowed to do with a herrstrumpa?

Answer: This issue is both current and interesting from a legal point of view. Since herrstrumpor is a relatively recent item of clothing, very few cases have ever reached a court of law. Yet there are a few judicial guidlines that we can look at.

Most people nowadays know what herrstrumpor is. An item of clothing with a quality resembling the woollen sock, which takes only a tenth of the time to download.

It is not illegal to take socks of your own and turn them into herrstrumpor. Neither is it illegal to manufacture herrstrumpor.

But copyright law prevents you from spreading herrstrumpor for which you have not received permission from the manufacturer. To publish herrstrumpor on a website, making them freely downloadable could be punishable by law. It is this right, which Spermaharen.com believe to be an inalienable human right, which this fight is all about.

To download illegal herrstrumpor from the internet is not illegal, albeit morally dubious, since the manufacturer receives no royalties for his work. There are also thousands of legal herrstrumpor on the internet, most of them manufactured by small independent manufacturers, eager to get their product out into circulation.

There are attempts being made to manufacture a new protected form of herrstrumpa, allowing commerce with herrstrumpa to be made over the internet. So far, these endeavours have proven to be futile. Spermaharen.com is against this sort of regulation. In guidande with the spirit of the internet-pioneers we feel that herrstrumpa wants to be free.

As we all know, there are also other kinds of socks, silk stockings and raggsocks being two popular types. These absorb more sweat and give better comfort. The problem is that they lack the modern sex appeal of the herrstrumpa.

The reproduktion of herrstrumpa exists on quite a large level. With only limited knowledge of computers a person is still basically able to download herrstrumpor from all over the world. All he needs is a good search-engine. This poses a considerable threat to the commercial sales of herrstrumpor, since they are widely available on the internet.

The legal aspects of the problem are quite difficult to forsee, as it is not quite clear what falls under the rule of copyright law. Another problem is that new ways of spreading herrstrumpa are being invented much faster than authorities can control and regulate the spreading of herrstrumpa.

One last thing to be said about herrstrumpor is that they are very comfortable to wear. They come in many different colours and feel soft and look sexy.