A lot of times when I'm kickin' it with my homies and my line of work comes up I'll get a hard time. "Rasbiologi" they say.. "That's wack" . Or I get the "Gee Grandpa... wake up, it's the 20th century!" But little do they know that rasbiologi today is hip AND up to date. We rasbiologer know what time it is. You think rasbiologi is all about standing around in white labcoats measuring skulls? Well it's more then that. MUCH more then that. So in order to bring rasbiologi back to the streets me and a few other skallmätare thought we'd start this website to tell you about our club. URI XTREME SPORTS!

Visit the official Uppsala Rasbiologiska Institut webpage

Thomas Westberg
Den här sidan finns bara på engelska för det är det officiella xtreme sports språket.